Creating an account with GridBid

This article will explain the different ways to create an account with GridBid.

Have GridBid set up your account and email you a sign in link when ready.

This can be accomplished by completing a GridBid Profile Creation form.

Access form here.

The traditional method.

Go to GridBid and select "Sign Up" to create an account. GridBid directs you through the process and includes an ESID lookup tool.

Create your GridBid account here.

ESID Lookup Tool Search Tips.

Enter street number and name without any punctuation and exclude street type, e.g. road, RD, street, st, etc.

Search Example for 1080 Industrial Blvd., Hewitt, TX 76643

Street: 1080 Industrial or even Industrial

Zip: 76643

Needed information

Your local utility requires GridBid to obtain the following information before allowing access your property's 12-month usage data.

  • Name
  • Title
  • Email
  • Company Name
  • Billing Address
  • Phone
  • ESI ID Numbers
  • Your Approval
Updated on
July 14, 2019

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