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"After installing solar, my electrical bill has been in the negatives!" 

- Roy Mariano (Wofford Heights, CA)

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At Gridbid we believe that it is time to switch to clean and renewable energy sources and we believe there has been no better time in history to go solar than right now.
A clean source of energy
Solar energy is considered a true alternative to fossil fuels (such as oil, coal and gasoline). It is a natural, clean and renewable source of energy that is expected to last for at least another 4 billion years (depending on how long the sun provides us with its light). We can use solar energy to produce cleaner, better electricity with solar cells either located on rooftops or on the ground.
An affordable alternative
With the price for solar panels decreasing over 50% in the last 2 years solar power has been expanding rapidly. This has allowed for more competition within the US solar industry and as a result solar cells have become more efficient while production costs have dramatically decreased. Different types of subsidies, including federal, state and local solar incentives as well as solar rebate programs, are also making going solar more attractive than ever before. There are even different payment options available and there is no longer the need to pay a large amount of cash upfront to have solar panels installed.
A great investment for future savings
With solar energy you start reducing your monthly utility bill as soon as your solar power system goes live. Depending on the form of financing you choose there might be a monthly solar lease or PPA fee for your solar power system. The lease/PPA fee is usually still cheaper than the amount of your old monthly utility bill. With your own solar power system your electricity rate will be predictable and you will be able to protect yourself from rising energy cost for the next 20 plus years.
Gridbid helps you find the best deal on rooftop solar by having solar installers submit competing offers for your solar installation.
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